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Description: We hope that the WYDO Community will become an interactive environment where young doctors and health professionals from all over the world join. We hope that everyone feels welcome to give their opinion and ask for feedback or help. The WYDO board will regularly post announcements for vacancies and projects you can participate in, as well as occasional notifications on WYDO news and promotions. We would also like to use this group to serve as a panel to give opinions on different topics and to give feedback on ideas for new projects.

The vision of WYDO is to provide young doctors around the world with opportunities to work together for the improvement of public health in developed and developing countries, to facilitate networking between young doctors for professional collaboration and recreation, and to improve the general environment of young doctors in their place of practice.

The World Young Doctors’ Organization was established in June 2011 and has grown since then to include persons from around 30 countries in different positions in the organization. We have established collaborations with several other organizations and are in the process of setting up a variety of projects. In June 2013 we celebrated for the first time World Young Doctors Day. For more information on WYDO, please have a look at

The launch of the WYDO Community is an exciting new step in bringing young doctors together to share experiences and work together. We are starting with this mailing list and will see how this will develop and if we will need more advanced features in the future.

The WYDO community is all of us, so do tell us if you have questions and/or ideas how to improve it. Feel free to open discussions, but please do not spam.
We are looking forward to seeing the WYDO community take shape!

Best wishes,
The WYDO board

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